It’s another heavy metal day for Fredrik Larsson of Hammerfall

2014 © Savage Beauty - Photo: Tallee Savage

I mainly play five-strings since I always end up needing that low B, or in my case A. I’m not a big fan
of ‘how low can you go’ and just pump on the B string, I use it when there’s need for it. So basically I see it, and play it, as a four-string with an option to go low. I used to string a four-string with BEAD but sometimes it felt awkward to not have a G string and some of the instruments couldn’t handle that setup. For me it’s all about building a steady foundation with the drums. To find the timing and really groove together, then the guitars can do pretty much whatever and it still sounds great. That’s the backbone of all great rock bands. I got a black Ibanez Roadstar II, a P-Bass, for Christmas when I was 13. I’m really happy that I kept it instead of trading it for a new one! It was used on the first Hammerfall album, and still sounds great. I have a bunch of really great Ibanez basses and a Hamer Scarab that’s awesome but I must say my new Sandberg Sandbird is my favourite. A red Thunderbird with Sandberg-matched headstock and hardcore aged, great tone and feel sums it up. And it’s got the looks! My bass heroes? I really like Peter Baltes of Accept. He is kind of underestimated in my opinion but he does a great job. Not too many fancy things during a song, but when needed he can really pull it off! Another favourite is Frank Bello of Anthrax, great attitude and playing! And Duff McKagan, that punk rock attitude shining through is fantastic. These are people who inspired me to want to play bass, not because of their great skills and technique but because they had attitude and groove. That’s more important to me than playing fast and technical. We’re releasing our new album r(Evolution) in September.
Basses Sandberg Sandbird, Sandberg TM5
Effects Sansamp VT Bass, RBI, RPM, Digitech iPB-10, Ibanez TS9B, EBS Chorus, MesaFluxdrive
Amps Marshall VBA400, VBC412 cabs

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