Interview: Davey Rimmer, Uriah Heep

I would describe my bass style as fluid and aggressive while always trying to be melodic, following in the footsteps of the great 70s rock bassists. I do not play a five- or six-string bass as it is not called for within Uriah Heep. Heep’s Hammond B3 sound fills up the low end, although I do use a Hipshot D tuner. I slap mainly to emphasize the kick drum in certain passages. The secret of playing bass well is making the bass and drum sound like one instrument. My first bass was a Kay, flipped over and restrung as I am left-handed, which as always been a pain as your choice of instruments is always limited. My favourite bass to date is my Warwick John Entwistle Buzzard Bass. It just has layers of tone and sounds huge! My bass heroes are Billy Sheehan, John Enthistle, John Deacon, Bob Daisley, Chuck Wright and Marcel Jacob. The greatest bass player who ever lived is a tough question. It depends on the style, but as I am a rocker I would pick Billy Sheehan as he is unique. Uriah Heep have just released a new album, Outsider, which is followed in February by Live At Koko, recorded in London last year. Then we’re off on a world tour.
Basses: Warwick Buzzard
Effects: EBS Billy Sheehan drive, TC Electronic Corona Chorus, MXR-M80, MXR compressor, Boss Octave
Amps: Ampeg SVT 2 heads, Ampeg 8×10 AV cabs

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