Gather no moss

The second album from the fantastic Moss Project, featuring BGM columnist Ruth Goller, is on its way. What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes? (Babel Records) is a jazz album at its core, but enriched with a multitude of influences from rock to prog to classic fusion. There’s a strong literary element to the album, with bandleader Moss Freed pulling in contributions from well-known writers, and Ruth delivers her usual subtle-but-powerful grooves on upright and electric.

gather no moss 1 

Also keep an eye out for The Cooker, the new album from some-time BGM writer Stefan Redtenbacher and his Funkestra. The Austrian bassist, who describes himself as “an anomaly, anachronism and a defiant demolisher of the pigeonhole”, offers his own take on the jazz-funk genre with two horn sections and guests including Lenny Pickett (Tower of Power, Saturday Night Live), and Michael B. Nelson (Prince).

gather no moss 2

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