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bag_webIf you’re anything like us – highly suspicious of anything that costs more than a tenner – you’d be forgiven for treating Fusion’s new and very tasty Urban gig bag range with caution on first sight. It’s only the price of a London pint less than £150, which gives our inner Scrooge the vapours. After all, it’s only a bag, right? You can get one for 20 quid off eBay.

Well yes, that’s fine if you’re playing a £99 bass from China and it doesn’t matter if you smash it into a dozen pieces when it falls out of the back of your van on the way to a gig. But what if you’re playing a decent instrument that you would like to keep pristine? Your cheapo bass bag from Bags R’ Us in Peckham won’t help you there. So stop whining and consider investing in a proper gig bag, like this one.

It’s a truly solid item, heavy but luggable, thanks to what feels like several inches of padding to protect your beloved bass. The foam shell may only be 20mm thick, but it’s bolstered by a velvety inner lining, interior reinforcement for the vulnerable headstock and hips, and something rather clever called an Internal Suspension System. Essentially this is a collar that you can take out and mould around the bass body and neck, so that the instrument doesn’t move around inside the bag.

Add a water-resistant exterior (useful for when your drummer spills lager on it), high-viz reflective panels on the outside (essential when you’re reversing into the venue loading bay in the pouring rain at midnight) and a ton of pockets for cables, picks, pedals, phone and toolkit. Sturdy rubberised grab handles mean that even the stupidest, drunkest roadie won’t drop it. Very nice indeed.

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