Warwick LWA 1000

408 cab (1)02

Loud, lightweight and liftable, Warwick’s new LWA 1000 head and cabs land on Chris Hanby’s doorstep for a road test…

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Malcolm Bruce: Prodigal Son

Godfrey Townsend, Kofi Baker, Malcolm Bruce

Malcolm Bruce, son of the late Jack, talks about life at the bass end.

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Feel the funk

andy irvine

Andy Irvine reveals the secrets of his playing and teaching approach to Ellen O’Reilly

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Thumbing a lift


Joel McIver visits Warwick HQ in east Germany for a factory tour and some of that nice German beer. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it

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Boxing clever

brad russell (2)

When does a bass sound like a guitar? When Brad Russell is playing it. Joe Daly meets the boxer-turned-shredder

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Andy Irvine

andy irvine

Legend reveals his love affair with Warwick basses

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Guy Pratt

guy pratt

Proving bass sessions and stand-up do mix

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