Take five: Mike D’Antonio

lead_mike d'antonio

Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio reveals five albums that shaped his sound

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Bass in the USA

Bass happenings across the pond, courtesy of Jon D’Auria

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The comeback kid

jason newsted credit chris lascano (4)

Jason Newsted has paid his dues all right, serving 15 years in Metallica, the world’s biggest heavy metal band, before taking time off to get his head (and back) together. He’s returning in 2013 with a new band and a renewed hunger for bass. Joel McIver meets the great man

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Bassically Speaking: Rob Moschetti

generation kill

Rob Moschetti of Generation Kill tells us what they do

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Take Five: Nick Beggs

nick beggs

Our monthly look at five albums that have changed a bassist’s life

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The Cliff edge

cliff bass (3)

Fans of Metallica’s 1980s music have long wondered why there has never been a signature bass awarded to the group’s late bass player Cliff Burton, but no more

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