Bass techniques: Paul Geary


Paul Geary brings us the truth about life on the road. Warning: this column contains choreography

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Orange AD200B MKIII Head, OBC810 Cab


The future may be bright, but is it Orange? Ian Glasper plugs in and turns up

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Bass in the USA

willie weeks

Jon D’Auria reports on bass happenings Stateside

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Ibanez SR300F


Mike Brooks dons his fretless hat and checks out this expressive beauty

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The FrontLine: Extended-range specialist, Stewart McKinsey

stewart mckinsey pic

Ten-string warrior Stu gets your fingers moving

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Mooer Multi-FX and Sweeper Filter


Cheap really can mean cheerful, says Joel McIver. Just don’t lose the little one down the back of the sofa

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Laurus Quasar T900-XRS


Ian Glasper road-tests a true blue Italian godfather of a bass. Will he end up getting whacked?

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Bass from the grave

bass from the grave (4)

Expert bass tweaker Simon McVeigh restores a knackered old Rickenbacker 4001 to its former glory. Month three: hardware time

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Essential gear: Fender Bassman Series, 1952-1960


Bass expert Chris Hanby shares his favourite bass amplifiers and effects

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Spitfires at dawn


GB Guitars has announced the launch of a new Spitfire series of bolt-on bass guitars

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