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It’s tough to stand out when you’re backing one of the greatest guitarists that ever walked the planet. Then again, Tommy Shannon never tried to steal the limelight, instead pinning down tight grooves with Chris Layton and letting Stevie Ray Vaughan soar as only he could. Getting some seriously fat tones from his old Fender Jazz, although he also used Stingrays, Yamahas and Precisions, Tommy functioned exactly as a blues bassist should: laying down the foundation, outlining the chords and occasionally stepping out with some tasty fills.

DSC 3961-landscape-benchShannon’s playing, while not technically too taxing, is difficult to nail in terms of his subtle feel, with interesting syncopations and muting. A master of the walking blues line, Shannon and his bandmates revitalised the blues during their all too brief time together. Since SRV’s untimely death Shannon has continued to be busy on the music scene, touring with the likes of Susan Tedeschi and Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

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  1. Dave P says:

    Tommy Shannon’s bass playing is the greatest sound I have ever heard. I now am trying to copy some of his moves and grooves. Play on the deep end.

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