Stuart Clayton – Ultimate Slap Bass for iPad

Bassist and educator Stuart Clayton’s exhaustive guide to every conceivable aspect of slap bass technique was comprehensively covered in his Ultimate Slap Bass book. This has now been turned into beginner, intermediate and advanced volumes specifically for the Apple iPad, and boy is it good. Clayton’s clear lesson programme covers everything from the basics of striking the strings with your thumb, and the correct way to ‘pop’, through to permutations of slaps, pops, doubleplucks, hammer-ons/pull-offs, taps, pats and open-hammer-plucks.

iPad Slap Books

Video clips and dozens of audio files (with and without the bass, so you can jam along) work alongside expertly presented notation and tab. Even if you think you’re a pretty advanced slap merchant, Clayton has covered so much so well that you’re sure to find inspiration and new techniques to practise. I would love to see a similar format for improvisation and soloing, but maybe Stuart will consider that as a follow-on.

As for the iPad format, this goes way beyond the usual dull text and dots of myriad music books, which no doubt you have piled in a dusty corner at home already. This is an engaging and highly motivating way to present material like this.

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