Marlowe DK – Beginning Slap Bass with Marlowe DK

Marlowe DK’s first DVD, aimed at beginners, is cleanly presented, with a short tutorial that illustrates how to get a good sound from the thumb. From there Marlowe runs through a series of licks in various styles, from basic thumbed octaves to flurries of Mark King-style flash. He also brings in elements such as hammer-ons, trills and double thumbing, and each lick builds logically from the rest. You get the line at speed before it is broken down slowly, with close-ups of the left and right hands.


The DVD also includes tab for each lick, and a technique library where each component can be viewed in isolation. The major issue I had is that, with the exception of the introductory tutorial, Marlowe does little explaining of what’s going on. Although the way each lick is presented means that you don’t need to have it explained in full, the resulting experience is a little sterile and total beginners still may struggle to work out what’s going on.

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