Fushitsusha – Mabushii Itazura Na Inori

Mothballed for nearly a decade, the welcome return of Keiji Haino’s blistering avant-blues trio Fushitsusha was heralded earlier this year with the release of Hikari To Nazukeyo, a fiery set of Beefheartian proportions, topped by the psychedelic shaman’s bloodcurdling cries. This,fushitsusha the second in a planned triumvirate of releases for the Heartfast imprint, follows much the same thematic trajectory as its predecessor.

Bassist Mitsuru Nasuno jousts with drummer Ikuro Takahashi in a series of disjointed workouts, where hushed passages are annexed by jagged staccatos. Haino pitches his banshee-like whinnies and gasped exhortations against volatile shards of atonal no-wave guitar, as Nasuno fumbles for a flashlight of linearity, navigating potholes of billowing low end and rumbling runs of non-sequitur seams. Only the opening track deviates from this confounding and occasionally exasperating course.

A monumental reverb-saturated slice of transcendence, its ghost-fingered vapours bear comparison with Haino’s finest experiments with his devotionally-minded group Nijiumu. With Takahashi coaxing rolling, shimmering crests of cymbal sizzle, Nasuno forgoes the fidgeting forays for a more languorous tone, casting a melancholic shadow over the alien liturgy.


Music ***

Playing ****

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