Aruán Ortiz And Michael Janisch Quintet – Banned in London

Starting off with a hypnotic, pulsing bass-line, this live album is a treat for bass players of a jazz persuasion. Janisch leads his quintet on a rip-roaring ride, doling out heavy grooves, tasty walking lines and melody by the bucketful. Like all good bassists, he knows when to sit back andmichael janisch let the lead instruments have their spot, and thanks to scorching playing by Greg Osby (alto sax), Raynald Colom (trumpet) and Janisch’s long time partner-in- crime Aruán Ortiz, the listener is treated to some absolutely mind-blowing solo work.

Album opener ‘Precisely Now’, penned by Janisch, is bursting with energy, as Colom plays for all he’s worth over the driving bass and sparkling piano. Rudy Royston’s drumming is fluid and rhythmic, a lead instrument all of its own, while never dropping the groove for an instant. The live feel of the album comes through in spades with an energy that leaps from the speakers.

I’m no jazz head, but I was lost in the sheer fun and joy that these consummate musicians were having from start to finish. A superb album and worthy of anyone’s attention, jazz fan or not.

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