Tim King of Soil chats bass


I’m not a flashy player. I like to keep it solid and add fills and walking bass-lines where appropriate. I’m most comfortable on a four-string. I always figured that you can do just as much on a four-string as you can on a five or six. You just have to know how to play properly! Stu Hamm actually told me that during a Hartke amp photoshoot we did together. He is simply amazing on four-string bass. The secret of playing bass well is being the glue that holds the band together. A solid bassist will always be able to bridge the gap between the drums and guitar and connect the dots. My favourite bass ever to date is my Spector Forte 4x. It was hand crafted and signed by Stuart Spector himself. It plays like a dream and is label #2 on the headstock. It was the second one following the prototype for that model. Nikki Sixx is my rock’n’roll hero. He brought style and image back to bass players. I also love Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith), David Ellefson (Megadeth), Stu Hamm and John Patitucci. The greatest bass player that ever lived is John Patitucci. By far my favourite technical player ever. Simply amazing. I saw him with the Chick Corea electric band and was blown away.
Basses Spector
Effects EBS, Sansamp, Dunlop bass wah
Amps Hartke Kilo amps, Hartke Hydrive cabs

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