The price of performing: musicians urged to insure all of their gear before taking the stage

“This year’s Lovebox Festival is will provide both established acts and those at the start of their careers with the opportunity to perform in front of huge numbers of music lovers.

“However, bands and musicians face a number of risks by taking their equipment to busy festivals and need to be alert to the possibility that their instruments may be stolen or accidentally damaged. Theft can happen to anyone, as was the case with Tom Petty who had five guitars stolen by private security at a festival in 2012.

“Ironically Musicguard has found that musicians are more likely to insure accessories such as amps, PAs and monitors than their instrument. Guitarists, for example, can insure their Fender Classic Stratocaster1 for around £2.45 per month, a small price to pay compared to the peace of mind they get should their instrument be stolen or accidentally damaged.

“Musicians are prepared to invest significant amounts of money in their equipment, but many fail to consider the likelihood and impact that the loss or damage to their instrument will have. When unforeseen circumstances do arise, musicians don’t want to be stopped in their tracks, and insuring with a specialist provider can help them back on stage as quickly as possible.”

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