Steve Daymond of Pagan Harvest checks in

I would describe my bass style as driving and melodic, but gentle and tasteful as required. The secret of playing bass well is to listen to others around you, feed off each other and try and improve what’s there. Also don’t forget the gaps are as important as the playing. My bass heroes are Andy Fraser, Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Jaco Pastorius, John Wetton, Norman Watt-Roy and Les Claypool. The greatest bass player that ever lived? Jaco Pastorius, Paul McCartney and James Jamerson. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Joe Jackson’s ‘I’m The Man’, where the bass player was Graham Maby.
Basses Fender Jaguar
Effects SansAmp Bass Driver
Amps Trace Elliot, Ampeg 4×12” and 1×15 Classic cabs

steve daymond

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