Stefano Selvatico of Savage Messiah checks in


My bass style is meaty and forceful. I always make sure that I keep the bottom end alive and find a way to cut through the guitars at the appropriate moment without overexaggerating. I play five-string bass, because of the fifth string that can occasionally add a really good bottom end to the band’s sound. I don’t play slap live with Savage Messiah because it doesn’t really suit our style, but I slap when I’m practising at home. It’s always a good thing to practise and fun to play. After all, the secret of playing bass well is practice, practice and practice again – never give up! My first bass was a Warwick Fortress One, it was actually my brother’s. It was a really good bass to learn on because I found it really comfortable. I really love Warwick basses for their playability and sound and of course Fender basses: great instruments that made history in music. My bass heroes are Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, David Ellefson, Geezer Butler and Geddy Lee. The greatest bass player that ever lived was Jaco Pastorius, he had everything a bass player needs to be great – or in his case, the best.
Basses Warwick Streamer LX, Warwick Fortress
Effects ProCo Rat
Amps Ampeg SVT 2 Pro, Ampeg Classic SVT-610HLF

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