Spill Sixteen bassist Indy steps up


I would describe my bass style as solid and laid-back. I did once have a review that said I provided ‘bass with balls’ – which was different! I always try and improve the song. I knit together and emphasise different things – sometimes it’s the rhythm, sometimes the melody. By moving around, you draw the listener’s ear to different things and taken them on a journey. I like a limited palette – no slap, no five- or six-strings for me – and rely on a killer tone and interesting melodies to do the work. My first bass was an Aria Pro II that my dad bought from the newspaper small ads (remember them?). It was the cheaper bolt-on version of Cliff Burton’s instrument. Played beautifully and served me well for years. Recently, the Italia Maranello caught my eye because they look amazing, and when I got to play one, it sounded great too – so I have one of them that I am breaking in. My favourite bass ever is an original Gibson Nikki Sixx Blackbird. It fixed everything that always irked me about the standard Thunderbird and is tremendous. I love Bob Daisley for his all-round bass and songwriting approach. He should be the patron saint of bass players due to the amount of grief that the industry has thrown at him. The campaign for Saint Bob starts here! Churchill once apologised for giving a long speech saying that he ‘didn’t have time to write a short one’. That makes me think about what a good bass player does. It’s not about playing the most notes – it’s about playing the right notes. Taking time to work out what’s best at any given time is the zen of bass playing.
Basses Italia Maranello, Gibson Nikki Sixx Blackbird
Effects Dunlop MXR Compressor and M-120 Auto-Q
Amps Orange AD200B Mk3 amp and 4×12” cab

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