Simone Masina of Muppets steps up

simone massina

I like to play in the deep end, in an unrelenting counterpoint with the vocals, probably because of my classical music background. I usually play five-string bass, because I really love the powerful sound of the B string. The secret of playing the bass well is to have good taste and feel the music deep inside. You also need a good ear, to reach what’s happening around you. At present, my favourite bass ever is a Ritter… it really does its job well. My first bass was an ARC, an extremely cheap instrument. My bass heroes are Michael Manring and Gary Willis. I also appreciate Janek Gwizdala: he’s a very musical player. The greatest bass player that ever lived was Scott LaFaro. I’m constantly in tour with my Top 40 band Muppets, but in my free time I usually play with some big names of the Italian music scene or I fill the chair of principal double bass in the UNIMI symphonic orchestra in Milan. I’m also working with Erika Biavati, a very talented young Italian singer/songwriter.
Bass MTD 535, Fodera fretless
Effects MXR octaver

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