Shaun Avants of Scorpion Child talks bass

scorpion child

There’s definitely the fast, aggressive, testosterone-driven style that inevitably comes with playing rock and roll, but I really try and express the sexuality and groove that gives the music feeling. It’s relatively easy to just punch note after note, but it takes finesse and grace to really capture the backbeat. It’s a symbiotic relationship and I don’t believe either mood would stand out as much without the existence of the other. I don’t even think I was aware that basses even came with more than four strings until after I started playing. Also, given the fact that none of our songs have any dropped tunings, there’s not any necessity for it in Scorpion Child. I don’t slap and I don’t use picks. There’s so many advantages to fingerstyle playing. First of all, I feel like you get a much more controlled tone and volume out of each note. There are so many dynamics in our songs that I need the versatility to give those parts their deserved character and nuance. Second, it allows me to flourish notes within the measures. For instance, I can open up a G chord by hitting two or three harmony notes in tow, which then fills out the spaces where the guitars ring out as opposed to hitting the same fret over and over. I actually use that technique frequently to enhance the pocket. Ultimately, I really just learned that style because it’s sexy as hell! The secret to playing the bass well is knowing what your role is within your project. For me and most other players in a traditional four- or five-piece band, it’s important to remember that you and the drummer are the foundation and backbone of what everyone else is doing. Synergy and precision are essential in this element because your guitar players and singer will rely heavily on you. Being the bass player is not the flashiest position, but that’s where personal style comes in – you never step on the toes of your fellow musicians, but know how to stand out where you can, and most importantly, should.
Basses Fender Jazz, Fender Precision, Gibson Grabber
Effects Boss Digital Delay, MXR Boost
Amps Various

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