Scott Wiber of Saint Jude chats about life at the bass end

Scott Wiber 2

My two main things that I do are with Saint Jude and with their guitarist Marcus Bonfanti, who has a new album called Shake The Walls out, but I do record and tour with other acts too, such as Todd Sharpeville and Joe Louis Walker. I was using a smaller Markbass combo amp when I was with Marcus before, but now we’re going out with my full Saint Jude backline which is an Ashdown ABM Evo 300 head and two of their ABM 4×10” cabs. My number one bass is a 1994 Japanese Fender Jazz which I’ve customised with new pickups and a Badass 2 bridge. I bought that bass from the back of Loot magazine when I was living in Liverpool for £250, although I’m originally from Alberta, about an hour away from Calgary. I’ve been here since 2001: two years in Liverpool and 10 in London. It really came back to life when I put new pickups and that bridge in. I sometimes use a Sansamp Bassdriver DI in the studio, I bring it with me every time I do a session. Nine times out of 10 they want to use it. Everybody seems to love it. I got my first bass on my fourteenth birthday, which is 20 years ago. I wanted to be Gene Simmons! A friend of mine in junior high played the guitar and so I thought I’d play bass: I grew up on a steady diet of heavy metal and hard rock, so that was what I wanted to do. I play fingerstyle, although I’ve played with a pick in the studio when someone’s wanted it. I don’t have a six-string bass any more, although I used to have a Dingwall six with the fan frets. I sold it because I wasn’t using it any more. I have a five-string Jazz bass back home in Canada, but mostly I use drop-D tuning on my four-strings. I’ve been a full-time musician since 2007, I did every job under the sun before that – warehouse, postroom, reception, the lot!,
Basses Fender Jazz
Effects Sansamp
Amps Ashdown ABM Evo 300 head, ABM 4×10” cabs

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