Rubber sole

Now here’s a slightly unusual treat for pick-using bassists. The Pick Bag, a German-manufactured rubber grip that slips over approximately half of your plectrum for added grabbiness, is a slick little invention that fans claim enhances their playing. We chortled in disbelief and asked them to send some over, which they duly did.


Despite the ‘amusing’ packaging, it turns out that the Pick Bag concept is sound, and we were forced to wipe the disbelieving grins off our faces sharpish. Basically the rubber grip sticks securely to your skin, making it far less likely that you’ll drop your pick while attempting to pull off a reverse sweep at 200BPM through a Bach fugue. The grip fits over various sizes of pick, so those favouring a skinny plectrum as well as those among you who like to grab a surfboard to play with are catered for. Worth a look, we say.

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