Rockschool launch new iPad App for Bassists

Rockschool, the world’s leading rock and pop music exam board, has just launched its exam pieces on a new iPad app – changing the way music education is delivered in the UK. For the first time, bass guitar teachers can teach and aspiring bassists can learn and prepare for an exam directly from their iPad.

If you’ve never heard of Rockschool or considered sitting a graded music exam on bass then let us tell you, music exams aren’t what they used to be – and Rockschool seem to be leading the way!

The free app, called KR Player, can be used as a practice tool for beginner-to-advanced bassists wanting to get to grips with Rockschool exam pieces, and includes everything they need to work towards their grade exam. The app’s functionality includes: tempo and key change; the ability to loop entire sections or specific bars; intuitive scrolling and fully adjustable backing tracks.

Rockschool’s full bass syllabus is available through KR Player, that’s a total of 9 grades from Debut to Grade 8. Every grade book download comes complete with sheet music, Fact File and Walkthrough, making developing a further understanding of music genre and theory that much easier.

Rockschool is the first exam board in the UK to offer a full app alternative to its grade exam books. Aside from making music exams more user-friendly and accessible to beginner bassists, this will no doubt be looked on favourably by music teachers who, for centuries, have had to carry heavy music books on a daily basis.

3.5 million children in the UK – some 36 per cent of the total child population – already receive private, one-to-one music lessons (as reported by the BBC on October 3rd), and with exam boards such as Rockschool embracing technology as part of their syllabus, this means music, creativity and artistry are only likely to flourish in the UK.

Info about the apps is at

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