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Paul Reed Smith guitars tend to enjoy a reputation for playing smoother than an eel in a pot of Vaseline. So when the luthier announced two new bass models for 2013, we were all ears. The Grainger 4 and 5 basses have been an ongoing project between PRS and US guitar designer and jazz legend Gary Grainger for a decade, they tell us, and the finished products look truly delectable. Specs include a maple top, mahogany back, 34” scale length, 24 fret maple neck, rosewood fretboard, and PRS bird inlays. Grainger 4 and 5 basses operate both passively and actively. As Grainger says, “These basses give me everything I need for recording and playing live. All the tone, clarity, power, and feel… everything. They are works of art and great tools for working bassists.

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