Paul Haynes talks bass life

paul haynes

My bass style is lead electric bass guitar. I feel that, just like a saxophone or a trumpet, the bass guitar can also play the lead role in a band. I slap, because it is a part of the bass tradition, going all the way back to the New Orleans greats of old, like Bill Johnson and Pops Foster. The secret of playing bass well is to feel the music. Don’t overthink it. Simply let it grab you, then go with the flow. My first bass was a Japanese 1986 Ibanez Roadstar II RB760; my favourite bass ever to date is my Fender custom fretless Jazz with a single NJ4SV 7.25” neck pickup, ToneStyler, and Pyramid black nylons 55-112. My bass heroes are Oscar Pettiford, Israel Crosby, Willie Dixon, Jaco, Stanley, John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler and John Entwistle. As a child, certain sounds were placed within my mind, accompanied by instructions that they be released unto the world. For whatever reason, they have always expressed themselves best through the medium of the electric bass guitar.
Basses Fender Jazz, Moser Custom Templar Scimitar with Kahler tremolo
Effects Line 6 JM4 Looper, VHT Valvulator
Amps Fender Rumble 150, Ampeg BA115HP

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