New Bootsy Collins Album Announced

The sometime James Brown and Parliament/Funkadelic bassist Bootsy Collins, a living legend in our world, returns with his first album in six years on October 27. Titled World Wide Funk, the album features a host of guest musicians such as Public Enemy rapper Chuck D, guitarist Buckethead (not to be confused at any costs with the recent General Election’s ‘Lord Buckethead’), MC Doug E. Fresh and the late P-Funk organist Bernie Worrell. The renownedbassist Alissia Benveniste is Bootsy’s co-producer. The songs, Bootsy’s first since 2011’s Tha Funk Capital Of The World, were recorded at his Cincinnati home.

Asked about the album, Bootsy was quoted brilliantly as follows: “The ‘One’ kindly gave me the Funk Finger and showed me this World Wide Funkateer Drive going on out here, and he said ‘all you have to do is un-dress it’. So I waved my hands in the air and gave up the funk like I just didn’t care. Then out of the clear blue, my man Brother-Nature showed up to announce that This is the Year of the Funkateer! The Funkateers began chanting, ‘Come back Bootsy, Come back, Come back, Bootsy Come Back’. Not only do I have bootz on the ground, we got troops getting down, drones in the air and these young disciples were hungry and not a one of them was scared. The vets of Hip-hop, a la cream of the crop, shouted out to retain their gold, made me feel real good once again to know that they still got soul.”


Look out for our Bootsy interview in due course: we’re especially looking forward to hearing how it felt to jam with Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke and Manou Gallo on one of the new songs. Now that’s a bass-off.

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