Mitch Witham of Cage The Gods says hi

In the studio I try to get quite an aggressive tone by digging into the strings with a pick. This gives it a nice bit of attack. Live I like to be a showman and put as much energy into my live performance as possible, as people who have caught us live will know. If I can find a way to climb on or off stage, I’m climbing! The skill is being able to put energy into your live performance without compromising the actual music. The reason I stick to four strings is because there’s no need in the style of music we play to have a five-string, plus it’s hard to get a 34” scale bass with a decent-sounding low B. Back when I first started playing bass I went through a Flea stage and was slapping all the time. It didn’t take me long to grow out of it after I realised no-one else other than bass players were digging it. Nowadays I leave the self-indulgence to the guitarists. Even with all its flaws my bass of choice is always gonna be a Fender Precision. I’ve played and owned loads of other basses over the years, and for me a Precision is the bass guitar!
Basses Fender Precision
Effects None
Amps Gallien Kruger RB1001 head


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