Micky Waters of The Answer talks the low end

the answer

I like to dig in. I play an aggressive, physical style, but I like to keep it dynamic too. We jam a lot in our set, and our jams are unpredictable at times, so I need to find new places to go. Jimmy, our drummer, and I know when to hold back and lock in, sitting on simpler patterns, letting the rhythm do the talking. That helps us find the right way. I’ve never played a five-string bass: maybe I’ll try some day. I do have a Hipshot installed on all my basses though – it keeps me on my toes. The secret of playing bass well is understanding your role in the song, the dynamics and the feel of it. You can feel it when you’re playing your part right within the song when you get there. Find your moments to shine and try something with a bit more magic. Also, play every day! My first bass was a four-string fretless Westone Thunder 1A, it was a struggle! Loved it though. My favourite bass ever to date is my silver Zemaitis, it’s a real beauty. I used it for all of our new album. The thing almost plays itself. The greatest bass player that ever lived was John Entwistle, I’ve been listening to him for most of my life and he still blows me away. That said, Geddy is bass God!
Basses Zemaitis BMF MCPJ, Zemaitis GZB300, Fender Precision
Effects Sansamp
Amps Ampeg SVT Classic, 8×10” cab, Genz Benz Shuttle

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