Matt Stevenson of Max Raptor on the bass

2000 Trees 2012

I played the drums in Max Raptor up until 18 months ago. Now I’m playing the bass full-time, it’s really helped me understand both sides of the rhythm section. I’d say my bass style is rhythmic and solid, locking in with Pete, our drummer. Because I write a lot of the material for guitar, it means I can try and apply all viewpoints when writing songs with the guys. I’ve tried playing a five-string but for us it doesn’t work. My live tone is overdriven at all times. I’ve found that you lose some of the visceral tonal qualities that you need for rock music when playing in a low register. I don’t slap, it’s not right for our band. I’ve always played with a pick, I’ve always loved the old punk sounds of the 70s. I love the harsher attack that you get from a pick. It works really well with us. The secret of playing bass well? Personally it’s being completely in tune with your drummer. Especially playing punk you need to be completely solid and really complete the rhythm section. You also need to give it your all, I try and make it as visual as possible.
Basses Fender Jazz
Effects Boss Bass Overdrive, Ashdown SubOctave, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff
Amps Laney Nexus Fet, Nexus 8×10” cabs

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