Kevin Jefferies of the Roger Taylor Band talks bass with Queen’s drummer…

kevin jefferies

The secret of playing bass well is a good balance of theory and developing a great ear. Study lots of styles of music and play them with conviction. Seek out and play with the best musicians you possibly can. Aim to be an original and enjoy yourself in the process. My first bass was a Hondo II in brown… it sounded brown. I lent it to a girl for a school music evening and she shredded the back of it with her bullet belt. I’d never been happier and I think this ignited my love of old and battered instruments! My favourite bass ever to date is a 1970 sunburst Fender Jazz. It’s got a Badass bridge and I run it through a Sadowsky outboard pre-amp. It was recently re-fretted by Mansons in Exeter. I sold a similar 1968 Jazz in the early nineties for £200… I’ve never forgiven myself. If I could get the bass tone of any album released I would choose Black And White by the Stranglers. I think I know how JJ got that sound but I am not prepared to stick a screwdriver through my speaker cones!
Basses Fender Jazz, Fender Precision, Fender Coronado II, Tacoma Thunderchief acoustic, NS Upright
Effects Sadowsky outboard pre-amp, EBS Dynaverb, EBS Bass IQ, Bassballs, Boss Bass Synthesizer SYB-5, Boss Bass Overdrive, Boss Octave
Amp EBS HD 350 head, Proline 410 cab

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