Kerim Gunes of The Dirty Feel talks bass

the dirty feel

I do not play five- or six-string bass. IIn all honesty I get confused with the extra strings. That’s not a joke by the way. I think four is all you need. I’m not gonna knock virtuosos like Victor Wooten. Folk like him are so gifted, but I think most bass players don’t want to be virtuosos. We’re there to lay it down and provide the platform. The low B can sure be meaty but for me, four is the magic number. I slap, because it feels so damn good. Bass players spend most of their time supporting the rest of the band and making everyone else sound good. Slapping allows us low-enders to express ourselves and if you want to overindulge, even in the confines of your bedroom, then goddamn we’ve got to let loose. People who turn their noses up at slapping? Well, for me it’s like sex and they’ve just never done in properly, methinks. Having said that, there’s a time and a place. And those times and places don’t come up that much. My bass heroes are Larry Graham, John-Paul Jones, Rocco Prestia, Paul McCartney, James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards and Nathan Watts. Always be strong and mean what you play. Never doubt yourself. Even when you’re wrong, be strong!

Basses Fender Precision, Fender Jazz with ACG preamp
Effects Zvex Woolly Mammoth MXR Chorus, MXR Octave Deluxe, MXR Envelope Filter, MXR Phase 90, MXR Bass Compressor, MXR Carbon Copy, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Lovetone Big Cheese, Lovetone Meatball
Amps TC Electronic RH450, Ampeg SVT CL

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