Jonas Reingold of The Flower Kings steps up



Since you cover both the rhythmic and the harmonic field, you should of course try to develop a good rhythmic awareness and a good melodic sense. If you can add a personal sound with a unique style, you’re on the money. My first bass was a Rickenbacker 4001 which I spraypainted in metallic green. This was the 80s, and a plain wood finish was totally out of the question if you played in a hair metal band like I did. May those times never return again. My favourite bass ever to date is my Yamaha BB 3000: it used to belong to Glenn Hughes before I got it. I’ve done over 2500 shows with the instrument and consider the bass my second wife. Later on I got several different basses, among them a 1964 Fender Jazz, but I always come back to my Yamaha, not because it’s hip or anything: simply because she’s my baby. My bass heroes are Jaco Pastorius, Ron Carter, Billy Sheehan, James Jamerson, Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, Gene Simmons, there are many…
Basses Yamaha BB 3000, Fender Jazz
Effects EBS Black Label pedals, Bass Pod line 6, Line 6 delay
Amps EBS Fafner, EBS Proline 4×12” cab

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