Jared Sturgis of Chrysalis talks bass

jared sturgis

I play a five-string bass because I can express myself more. With five strings, a wider array of note combinations are more easily accessible. I slap because it adds flavour to the music. It’s always been one of my favourite styles. I try to throw it in the mix whenever it fits a song or part. The secret to playing bass well is to have fun and enjoy yourself. If you’re enjoying yourself, then you’ll play more, and experiment more. It’ll eventually reflect in your performance! I think it’s also important to play with other musicians. You can learn a lot by playing with people from different musical backgrounds than your own. My first bass was a four-string Guild straight out of the 70s. My dad stored it in my closet when I was a kid. After I grew up a little, I found it and started messing around with it. My favourite bass ever to date is the Warwick Thumb. Great look and tone. The craftsmanship is excellent. A work of art.
My bass heroes are Les Claypool, Ryan Martinie, Flea, Cliff Burton, and Victor Wooten to name a few. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Flea. I listened to the Chili Peppers a lot growing up. I always admired Flea, and he inspired me to play. I love his aggressive slap and melodic techniques. He knows when to play complex, or when to be subtle. He always complements songs perfectly. Our second album is out now.
Bass Warwick Corvette, Ibanez SR1005 Prestige, D’Addario strings
Effects Boss ME-50B
Amp SVT4 Pro, SVT-410HE and SVT-18 cabs

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