Jaime David Vazquez of JDV talks bass

jaime vasquez

I would describe my bass style as versatile, passionate, adventurous, dynamic, full of energy, in your face, enthusiastic, innovative, influenced by other instruments and keeping in mind the concept of the overall bass playing with no limits. I love my four-string bass. I was a six-string player for a long time but I’m back to basics. Also, many of my bass heroes play the four-string too. I like to slap because it is a very practical technique for me. It works great for grooving and for soloing too. I love to create grooves, melodies and phrasings with slapping and popping. Definitely, it gives you a more percussive sound to your playing. The secret of playing bass well is simple, play for the song! Study the instrument and his role in the music. Study at your current skill levels, try to be an overall bass player and don’t be afraid to push the limits. My first bass was a Steinberger Spirit. My favourite bass ever to date is my MTD Kingston Saratoga four-string custom bass with Hipshot products and Delano pickups and electronics! It feels great and sounds out of this world. In my opinion, the greatest bass player that ever lived was Jaco Pastorius. He was a pioneer, the leader of a new generation of bass players. His contribution is still in force.
Basses MTD Kingston Saratoga
Effects Eventide
Amps Ashdown ABM-1000, JDV cabs

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