Interview: Will Bottomley, Marmozets

I have a pretty punchy, hard-hitting kind of style, but with control over the complex riffage we do. An extended range bass isn’t really necessary for my style and our sound, because we tune to drop C and D standard so there’s no need for me to use one. The secret of playing bass well is really knowing what you’re providing for the band as a bassist, and keeping the lower frequencies as tight to the drums as possible. Oh and you can’t beat a bit of practice! My first bass was a Tanglewood. I can’t remember the exact model but I got it when I was about 10, so it was an okay starting point. I only use Musicman basses. I find they have a particular tonal quality to them that really suits my style of play and gives me the sound I want to achieve. I have both a Sterling and a Stingray, the latter being my favourite. It has a slightly fatter neck but I find it sounds a lot more solid. My bass heroes? Geddy Lee is one of them. Even though our styles are at pretty much opposite ends of the spectrum, I admire his fretwork and the sound he gets. I also really admire and respect Juan Alderete of the Mars Volta. He has such a distinct style and so much groove going on in everything he plays
Basses Music Man Stingray, Music Man Sterling
Effects Sansamp Tech 21, Electro-Harmonix Micro POG, Fulltone Mosfet drive
Amps: Ampeg SVT Classic head, Ampeg 8×10 AV series cab, Matamp 6×10 cab

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