Interview: Steve Edmondson, Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost - bass guitar - credit - Vassil Varbanov

Pic: Vassil Varbanov

I keep it simple but solid. Only deviate when needed. I play five-string bass in Paradise Lost because the lows are just what’s needed for our gothic doom sound. My first bass was an old black Westone four-string I bought on finance. I think I’m still paying it off 30 years later! My favourite bass ever to date is either a Musicman Stingray or a Fender Jazz. Basically anything Fender designed. My bass heroes are Steve Harris, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton. All are big influences on my playing. If I could get the bass tone of any album ever released, I would choose Black Sabbath’s Heaven And Hell. Martin Birch, the producer, was a master at getting a good bass sound. There are only 12 notes on a bass so that’s one in 12 chances of getting it right. Those are pretty good odds in my book. Our new album The Plague Within is out now, and we have a full European tour in the autumn.
Basses Musicman Stingray
Effects Boss Bass Overdrive, Sansamp Bass DI
Amps Ampeg SVT Classic, Ampeg 8×10 cab

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