Interview: Rick Barrio Dill, Vintage Trouble

vintage trouble

My bass style is rooted in old school, rhythm and blues, soul, and rock’n’roll traditions. My first bass? My dad bought me a used, I think it was like a, it was like a what do you call it… it was like a knockoff company so I can’t even remember the company but it was like um, almost like a used Ibanez knockoff four-string, that my dad bought me, I was so stoked. I played it about a year and a half and then I saved up my money and got my own. My favourite bass ever to date is one I’m pissed off I didn’t buy because it cost the same as six months’ rent. It was beat up, looked like it dragged behind a truck for two years, but for that one moment, it felt like mine. It was a 1960 P-Bass, beat to shit. And I still haven’t gotten it because I still don’t have the money. My bass heroes are James Jamerson, Prince, Duck Dunn, Willie Weeks, Larry Graham, Meshell Ndegeocello, and yeah, Willie Weeks too, I’ll put Willie Weeks twice. The greatest bass player that ever lived was James Jamerson, hands down. The sauce is in the details, and perfect nuance is something to be chased but never caught. We are finally releasing our album worldwide on Blue Note and Universal, which is a big long time coming. Currently we’re touring the world with AC/DC, playing the largest tour in the world and the largest stadiums and venues in the world. I’m about to play Wembley Stadium tomorrow which is just unheard of, and my mom’s in town to see it, which is about as dope as a kid can get.
Basses Fender Precision
Effects Aguilar Agro
Amps Aguilar, Ampeg B-15 fliptop

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