Interview: Oytun Ersan, Oytun Ersan Project


I play both four- and five-string bass because my four-string gives me a punchier sound while slapping, whereas my five gives me more range while soloing. I slap because I feel the rhythm the most while slapping. The secret of playing bass well is listening to the bass-lines in different kinds of music, practising scales in all keys as part of your daily routine and being able to feel the rhythm from deep inside. My first bass was a Fender Standard four. My favourite bass ever to date is a Fodera Monarch four for slapping, and a Fodera Imperial Elite five for soloing and walking bass-lines. My bass heroes are Jaco Pastorius, James Jamerson and the teacher of teachers, Joe Hubbard. I believe that the greatest bass player that ever lived is Jaco Pastorius. If I could get the bass tone of any album released, I would choose Dave Weckl’s Master Plan (1990) where Tom Kennedy grooves so hard and solos beautifully with his Fodera Emperor II signature bass. My band, Oytun Ersan Project, is heading to Europe in early 2015. My fusion album will be released in March.
Basses: Fodera Monarch Deluxe 83 Classic, Fodera Imperial Elite Buckeye Burl
Effects: TC Electronic FlashBack Delay, Corona Chorus, Shaker, Hall of Fame Reverb, Polytune Tuner, Ditto Looper, Rodenberg GAS 707B Boost, EBS OctaBass, Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter
Amps: Markbass Little Mark 800, Markbass Standard 104 HR cabinet, Markbass MiniMark 802 Combo

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