Interview: Nicole Rich, Doll Skin

doll skin

I would describe my bass style as aggressive and melodic. I like to lock in with the drums while still adding small flairs. I like to complement everything else that is going on while keeping everything solid. I’ve never really felt the need for anything more than four strings. I feel like I can accomplish what I want to play with what I have. Occasionally I’ll play around with slapping because it’s fun but I don’t use it when I’m playing with my band. I really started to learn how to play when I began playing with a band, because I learned not only the best way to play for myself, but also how to play well for others. My first bass was a Squier P-Bass. I got it because I loved the colour, haha! I’ve been looking a lot at Schecters and I really enjoy how they look and play. My bass hero? Flea. Even though I don’t slap a lot, the energy he puts into his playing inspires me so much. The greatest bass player that ever lived is Victor Wooten. My first bass teacher used to show me a bunch of his music and I always loved his style. My favourite thing about playing bass is the feeling it gives you in your chest and how even if you aren’t close to the music, you can still feel it. Bass doesn’t seem like the most important part of the band, but including it adds something else that really makes music so much more enjoyable. We’re in the studio recording an EP. We’ve been working closely with David Ellefson of Megadeth, which has been so amazing and I’m really excited for us to release everything we’ve been recording!,
Basses Ibanez SR505, Ibanez acoustic, Squier P-Bass, Ernie Ball nickel roundwound strings
Effects Dunlop Crybaby bass wah, Digitech bass driver and distortion
Amps Markbass head, 1×15 cabinet

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