Interview: Massimo Pupillo, Zu


Pic: Francesca Macario

I detune the low string to low B because I’m really fond of low-end rumbles. I try to be physical and instinctual when playing. For me, I try not to think too much about the process: instead, I become immersed in the experience of playing. I do not play five- or six-string bass, because four strings are enough. And then there’s open tunings, right? I also do not slap. I cannot relate to the kinds of music in which the bass players slap, really. The secret of playing bass well is not showing off and being self-indulgent. See the instrument, as the word says, as an ‘instrument’ for something, and not as the end itself. It is a channel, a vessel for something to be said. My favourite bass ever to date is my own. When I tried a Jaydee bass for the first time – and, if you’re wondering, no, unfortunately John Diggins doesn’t endorse me – I was like, that’s it, it’s clearly the definitive bass for me. So I got a second one as a spare, which became the one I use most, and I really don’t need anything else, thanks. It’s funny, because he was made famous by Mark King from Level 42, and I think there is no bass player I feel more far from, in terms of how we both play! It’s such a good instrument that can be applied to many musical styles. I completely removed the active electronics, because after 30 years of life and 10 years being tortured by me, those cables were constantly breaking, so now it goes directly from pickup to output, even bypassing volume and tone. I really like it simple, but also I found the sound to be much better this way. Not to mention, not so much stuff to break on the road. The greatest bass player that ever lived is probably Mike Watt for his attitude and generosity. It’s not only how you play, but how you live. How you create a scene, do your thing, and stay humble. Zu has a new album called Cortar Todo on Ipecac Recordings and we will tour.
Basses Jaydee Supernatural and Roadie
Effects Catalinbread Teaser Stallion, Digitech Whammy, MXR Distortion+, MXR 288 Bass Octaver Deluxe, Tronographic Rusty Box Preamp
Amps Traynor Mono Block B, Ampeg SVT 215E

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