Interview: Mark Hamon, Kitten Pyramid

kitten pyramid

I played a five-string Yamaha for many years and also own a seven-string fretless, but I found that my four-string Jazz is all I ever pick up and play. It has all the versatility and tone I need. I feel four strings are more natural. It’s like riding your favourite horse, four legs are a perfectly balanced and a beautiful thing, but when that fifth leg drops down. The secret of playing bass is loving what you play. I practise on my own before rehearsals at double speed, sometimes with my entire body covered with oven-dried apricot halves and frozen prawns in the full glory of the moon, ideally by a deep, restless stretch of river. This quickens my fingers and accuracy so when I’m at rehearsals, I play at the correct tempo and find so much more space to explore. My first bass was an old Epiphone sunburst something or other. Not sure what the model was. In fact, I’m not sure what happened to it. It’s possibly in the back of some cupboard somewhere, or in a park drinking cheap cider that has never seen an apple, or maybe married with two little ukuleles. Who really knows. My favourite bass ever is my new Fender Jazz Select, named Carrie Fisher. This is the Christmas dinner of basses. A gold plated, diamond ensconced, freshly bleached porn star of a bass. If this bass was made into a cream, I would rub it on my knees. The first bass that really made me sit up and listen? Chris Squire. Fragile by Yes. The bass tone is face-slapping. The bass does not sink back into the background as many did, it drives forward. It was rich from high to low end. The track ‘Roundabout’ forced the bass down your ear and made you listen. Not only that, it’s wonderful to hear the slight imperfections that pre-digital recording had. Chris Squire’s use of the bass, for me, is the one that made me really take notice of the instrument. We’re bracing ourselves for our debut album launch at the end of April.
Basses Fender Jazz Select
Effects Boss Distortion, Line6 Bass Pod
Amps Peavey TNT 115

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