Interview: Kevin Butler, Thy Art Is Murder

I use a pick for a hard, percussive attack and a lot of tremolo picking. I play a five-string bass, to utilise the lower tunings we play in and the extended range it offers. Tuning stability with the extended range means I don’t have to use telegraph wires for strings. The bass tone relies on a consistent pick attack to gel with the wall of high gain guitars. I was a guitar player originally so there certainly has been a learning curve involved in the transition the last few years. My first bass was a Warwick Corvette, and when I first joined Thy Art I was playing a Warwick Streamer LX as well as a Streamer Stage II through-neck. They’re great basses but the honk didn’t really work out for our sound. My favourite bass ever to date is my new Ibanez SR5005 Prestige. The neck is absolutely insane and I would recommend it to anyone who has to play fast material and match the guitar riffs on a bass. I simply wouldn’t be able to play some of the new material on a more cumbersome neck.
Basses Ibanez SR5005 Prestige
Effects Sansamp RBI, Darkglass Electronics B7K, Cali76 Compressor, Boss TU2, NS 2 ISP Technologies Decimator
Amps Mesa Boogie Strategy 88 and Powerhouse cabinets

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