Interview: Ivo Ramalho, Poeticat

ivo ramalho

Even though I love a good low B sometimes, I do not play five- or six-string bass. I can get everything I need musically from a four-string bass: most of the bass players that have inspired me over the years all play four-string basses and I have never felt the need to change. I do not generally slap as I find it too intrusive: it can very easily take away from the drums and the groove, and work against me and the song. I’m not opposed to it in the right moment, but it generally goes against my style. For me, the secret of playing bass well is keeping the groove, having good timing, and the ability to listen to the silence and space that the song needs. One of the best tips my dad gave me when I started playing the bass was that simplicity is very often more efficient than a complex lick: I try to stay true to that! The greatest bass player that ever lived is Flea. He is such a complete bass player who is constantly evolving and exploring himself musically. My ‘profound Whoa! thought’ for all my bass fellow men is: don’t try to be like your idol. The more you sound like yourself the better and more comfortable you’ll be as a bass player.
Basses Fender Jazz
Effects Sansamp, Boss Overdrive
Amps Various

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