Interview: Gustavo Aued, Powerman 5000

powerman 5000

Pic: Bruno O’Hara

I’m very aggressive on stage, which I guess comes through my bass playing but always keeping in mind enhancing the band’s sound. I play five-string Warwick basses, because of the lower range and the filling up of sound that it provides. Finding the right tone helped me give PM5K that low end and growl that we were looking for. I slap, but not in PM5K. This is one of my main techniques as a player. Growing up I always loved funk and the groove you can create playing bass along with drums. If you lay down a great groove with drums you sometimes don’t need anything else… guess that’s the bass player in me. The secret of playing bass well is practice, and then more practice. When you are done then practise again. Joking aside, I think also playing bass is understanding what the need for the band is that you are playing in. The greatest bass player that ever lived was Jaco Pastorius. He brought bass playing to the forefront and did things on bass that no-one had thought about. Chris Wolstenhome of Muse is my favourite bass player right now. If you want to hear tone and groove done by playing one note, ‘Starlight’ is the one. Being able to make a song sound like that with one note and being able to have growl, groove and tone is pretty amazing to me.
Basses Warwick Custom Thumb
Effects Sansamp, Rat distortion, Boss delay
Amps Warwick 600, Warwick 4×10 and 15 cabs

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