Interview: Fred Sablan, Marilyn Manson

Fred Sablan 1

It’s a fight to the finish. Every note is played like it’s my last, and I mean every one of them. I’m completely focused on the drummer and the beat. I do not play five-string basses. I don’t think they’re bad, just not for me. You can get it all done with four strings. I feel like that B string can get lost in the mix and just sounds like mud. Higher strings sound annoying. I do have a bass with a low B string, but that one doesn’t have the G. I do not slap. It’s been done to death. Unless you’re Larry Graham, I don’t care. Everything else sounds like the Seinfeld theme. The secret of playing bass well is being locked in with the beat. Consider the groove and play for the song. You’re a very important component of the rhythm, so know your place. My first bass was a Fender Mustang. Love them. Wish I still had that bass, it records well too. My favourite bass ever to date is my Nash PB63. It’s a Precision bass, made with love by Bill Nash. Olympic white, black pickguard, rosewood neck, Lollar pickups. I’m endlessly inspired every time I play it. My bass heroes are Paul Simonon, John Entwistle, Daryl Jennifer of Bad Brains, Tina Weymouth, Dennis Dunaway, Eric Avery, John Paul Jones, Cliff Burton, JJ Burnel, Kim Gordon, Larry Graham and my best friend Jeordie White. The greatest bass player that ever lived was John Entwistle… by far.
Basses Bill Nash PB63
Effects Way Huge Green Rhino, Malekko Diabolik, MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe, Fuzzrocious Demon King, Dunlop bass wah
Amps Ashdown ABM 900 head and 8×10 cab

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