Interview: Dustin Davidson, August Burns Red

I would describe my bass style as all over the place. Stylistically I pull influences from all different types of music and I try to bring something else to the table when I write my bass parts: something that the listener wouldn’t expect in the metal genre. I recently acquired a five-string for the first time and I don’t know why I didn’t play one before! I have yet to record with one but I’ve been experimenting with it at home. I slap and play with my fingers every now and then in order to add dynamics to our music. It’s a lot harder to add dynamics if you’re playing with a pick and so most of our clean parts I will play with my fingers and or slap. I’m pretty damn proud of my bass tone on our record titled Rescue & Restore. Check out the track ‘Treatment’ and fast forward it to about 3:15 to hear what I’m talking about…
Basses: Warwick Corvette $$ NT Bubinga, Warwick Taranis
Pre Amps: Tech 21 Sans Amp RBI, Tech 21 Sansamp VT-Di Deluxe
Amps: Ampeg SVT-VR

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