Get The Blessing’s Jim Barr raises a glass…

get the blessing


I would describe my bass style as super-basic rock, maybe a bit old-school punk, with a big dollop of pretentious out jazz thrown in. Definitely always dirty, always a bit wrong. My favourite instrument at the moment is a Fender VI, which is an octave guitar really, so that doesnt count, or does it? It’s got a whammy bar, so it’s capable of some quite despicable noises, and up the dusty end it turns into a guitar! The secret of playing bass well is playing as much as you possibly can, recording, gigging, eating lots of pies so you can have nice fat fingers, realising what you’re there to do, which is to glue the drums to the rest of the band, and occasionally show off a bit and take more drugs and booze than everyone else. My bass heroes are Carol Kaye, JJ Burnel, Charlie Haden, Sir Paul McCartney and Colin Hodgkinson, and the greatest bass player that ever lived was Charles Mingus, the crazy genius.
Basses Fender Precision, Tokai Jazz, Baldwin semiacoustic, Fender VI, Ovation Magnum, 1900 German flatback double bass
Effects MI Blueboy Deluxe Overdrive, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Alotrope Electronics Shaftsbilly Fuzz, Coloursound Wah, WEM Copycat Valve Tape Delay, Spaceman WOW Signal Mudulated Fuzz, Boss Octave, Spaceman Gemini Dual Fuzz , Roland RE20 Delay
Amps Ampeg B15, Wallace AC 3500, Ampeg 1×15, Fender Bassman 135, Fender 2×15 cab, Gallien Kruger MB150

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