Geoff Laurens of Goldray checks in


I would describe my bass style as a guitar player playing bass! Solid, passionate and for the song. I would never play more than four strings, Stylistically it’s really not me, or the music I play. I do not slap because I don’t know how to and I have absolutely no desire to learn. Simplicity will help you achieve solid playing. As a bass player I feel you have a job to lock tightly in with a drummer. As a rhythm section you both hold the foundations to a song. I feel there’s a lot of bass players trying too hard to prove themselves. A bass player doesn’t have to be dexterous to be great. My first bass was a 1980 Japanese Fender Precision, still the bass I use today! I’ve also tried a couple of new custom shop American Precisions that have really impressed me. The greatest bass player that ever lived? I’m gonna have to say Paul McCartney. A genius songwriter playing bass usually means they are a genius bass player too.
Basses Fender Precision
Effects Big Muff, Maxon Tubescreamer, Boss DD3 delay.
Amps Ampeg V9 or SVT Classic heads, Ampeg 8×10 cabinets, Orange bass heads and cabs.

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