Garden of Eden

Eden Electronics has announced that after a five-year absence, former ‘tone guru’ David Nordschow will once again contribute to the brand. marshall-edenSpecifically, David will be looking at cabinet designs and consulting on some of the company’s new projects. Eden was purchased by Marshall Amplification recently and has made a number of changes to the brand and its product offerings. Eden told us, “Our job is really about taking Eden back to being at the forefront of bass players’ minds, and we can only do that with solid foundations which are being put in place.” Nordschow commented that he would continue to work with his own Brand DNA and that there will be mutual benefits for both companies. Eden commented, “Right from the time Marshall took on the company we made the choice to approach David. It was abundantly clear that his knowledge of cabinet and speaker design were the driving force in the early years, and still had a lot to offer the company today.”

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