Eugene Gill of King 810 on the bass end

K810 credit Scott Uchida

Pic: Scott Uchida

Being in a four-piece band with only one guitar player, I have to be conscious of the fact that, as the bass player, it’s my job to hold the rhythm down first and foremost. When I was younger I wanted to show off and do all kinds of stuff and follow the guitar players, but as I grew up and matured as a musician I learned that’s not always my place. I play for the song, not for myself. I play four-string basses. Four strings are enough to do what I want to do. If the day ever comes where I really need that extra string or two, I’ll get them. I play with a pick. I know it’s still kind of taboo in the world of bass purists, but I do so by choice. Playing with a pick just gives me the sound I want out of the strings. I play a thick gauge and I hit them hard. My first bass was a Schecter C-4. Still have it to this day. It’s been through hell and back (numerous scrapes, scratches, missing knobs… I even had to re-attach the fretboard at one point), but it still works and just has a comfortable feel to it that comes from years of use. I don’t really have a favourite bass. Anything that plays well and doesn’t look outrageous. What I use now (the LTD Deluxe B-1004) is probably the most ideal; a simple natural finish and black hardware, decent weight (I don’t want it too heavy because I move around a lot), and a great sound. I think it’s impossible to just pin point any one single greatest bass player, because there isn’t one that is the absolute best at every style of playing. Growing up and getting into music, even before I started playing bass, some of the ones that stood out to me were Cliff Burton, Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Rex Brown, Tim Commerford and Ryan Martinie, to name a handful, and to me all those guys are great, but they all offer something completely different. Our upcoming album Memoirs Of A Murderer is out now and we’re playing our first UK shows in October.
Basses LTD Deluxe B-1004
Effects Tech 21 RPM Sansamp
Amps Ampeg SVT-3 Pro heads, SVT-810 cabs

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