Diamond dealers

Midlands-based amp gurus, Bass Direct is now stocking a new range of US-made, Bergantino CN cabinets. Utilising custom, high efficiency Neodymium 12” drivers and bespoke crossovers and tweeters with rigid, hand-built cabinets, diamond dealersthe range consists of the CN112 – a 350w RMS, 8 ohm cab with a weight of 12kg, and the CN212 – a 700w RMS, 4 ohm cab with a weight of 20kg. Contact Bass Direct on 01926 886433.

Twyford’s Bass Gear has announced a load of new, very tasty goodies on offer. These include Yamaha and Carvin basses, amps and a huge range of new, and pre-owned instruments and rigs from manufacturers such as Ampeg, DHA, EBS, and Fodera. The store is also the exclusive Europe dealer for Ritter basses, and the exclusive UK retailer for Fatboy Pickups.

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